28 Jul - 11 Aug 2024

Copying Denisse and Robert’s workshop idea in Las Vegas (Learning From Las Vegas,  1972 ) where students looked at new, often disregarded architectures in a different light, and questioned what could be learnt from this context, we will be Learning from Benidorm. 

The 31st edition of EASA was organised in Cádiz in 2011 under the theme ‘deCOASTruction’, referring to the de-configuration that the Spanish coast has suffered since the 1960s due to the tourism and housing booms. EASA Spain coined this term to express this urban and social reality that is particular to Spain. It is an architectural, urban, environmental and social issue that is still of the utmost relevance today, so we decided to Shanzhai it.

We do not wish to fix the problems but rather offer a fresh and objective perspective through theoretical and practical workshops that aim to understand the context, celebrate its particular value and nurture its potential.

EASA is a not-for-profit decentralised network, organised and led by volunteers and supported by educational and cultural institutions, public and private partners and sponsors. To learn more about how to support EASA click here.

SHANZHAI EASA 2024 is organised and hosted by EASA Spain and will take place in Benidorm (Alicante, Valencia) from 28 July to 11 August 2024. EASA Spain (Asociacion Juvenil de Estudiantes de Arquitectura), has been registered in the National Register of Associations as a not-for-profit youth organisation since 2011.