28 Jul - 11 Aug 2024

Workshops are the main part of the EASA program, and the theme of the event is communally explored through them. As such,  workshops should always aim to create a wealth of knowledge others within EASA (and beyond) can benefit from. We can think of EASA as a group research project: all of the projects, activities and discussions that take place during the event build up a shared understanding of the theme we have set out to explore.

The Tutor Pack introduces the theme, the context and the framework for the workshops of easa024, preparing future tutors as much as possible to have “successful” workshops, where the participants are the focus. The Tutor Pack is written by the organizers of the event. Contents should not be taken as a total truth, since it is just a perspective of a small group of people. Read it with a critical mind, since we are not looking for people’s agreement but more their take on the theme and location chosen.

The easa024 Initial Ideas Call closed on 31st December at 23.56 (GMT +1). There will be another Tutor Call in March, with dates to be confirmed.

We welcome all types of tutors from all disciplines, - you do not need to have an Architectural background or have participated in EASA before applying as a tutor, although a deep understanding of horizontal pedagogy approaches is fundamental.